The Story

Every journey has its own rhythm, and “A Chilli Day” is inspired by a symphony crafted to echo its essence. This isn’t just background music; it’s the heartbeat of our journey. Like the Chilli Beans Bottle Opener Sunglasses, our musical landscape is flexible. Every chord, note, and beat was thoughtfully chosen to create a musical backdrop that enhances, rather than just complements.

In a world where individual influencers make waves, we’ve curated a symphony. “A Chilli Day” goes beyond a union of faces; it’s a fusion of stories. Each talent on board embodies a unique aspect of the Lebanese culture. This isn’t just a first-of-its-kind gathering – it’s a grand narrative. Every face, every moment, every sunglass provides insight into their world.

Dive into the spirit of adventure, friendships, and laughter, as they offer a peek into a Lebanese tale, from hitting the roads to setting up the campsite, from campsite activities to winding down by the fire, they wore Chilli Beans sunglasses not just as a fashion statement, but as an essential tool that added zest to their outdoor experiences.

Just as Chilli Beans and Seenoptics came together in a union of vision and innovation, devised alongside the brilliant minds at PROMENTI, our soundscape celebrates collaboration. It harnesses the power of collective influence, where every note tells a story.

“A Chilli Day” isn’t just a visual treat; it’s the harmonious blend of sights and sounds that truly elevates the experience. It beckons you to not just watch, but to listen, to feel, and to immerse yourself in a journey where every sound paints a picture.

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The Collection

Every bend in the road, every shared chuckle, every bottle popped open – these sunglasses were witnesses. They aren’t just shades; they’re trusty companions that adapt, just as you do. With a design that’s as sturdy as it is stylish, they’re the only accessory you’d need!

Embark on a journey of style and practicality with our exclusive ‘Chilli Beans Bottle Opener Sunglasses.’ This collaboration encapsulates the spirit of adventure with an added layer of utility. Dive into our collection and discover seven unique designs, each an embodiment of the outdoors’ vibrancy and the intrepid spirit of the wanderer.

A Chilli Day Pattern- Seenoptics
A Chilli Day Pattern- Seenoptics

See Through Their Eyes

Step into a unique try-on experience, visualizing the scenic Falougha lakes through the eyes of our influencers, all while getting a virtual feel for our collection. Discover each product’s distinct charm, and with a click, journey to its page to make it your own.

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